Saturday, May 25, 2013

Qualcomm to introduce new Snapdragon chips and Adreno 400 series in early 2014

Qualcomm is expected to unveil its new generation of Snapdragon mobile system chips and along with them the Adreno 400 graphical chips, according to chip-focused website Fudzilla. Qualcomm is usually making its unveiling at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in mid-January in Las Vegas. 

There aren’t many details about the upcoming 2014 Snapdragon chips, but the Adreno 400 graphical chip that is said to be getting ready for the limelight won't have a compute part and will not support OpenCL.

In 2014, Qualcomm might have tougher competitors in both CPU and GPU. Nvidia’s Tegra 5 with Logan chip has already shown impressive capabilities that the Adreno series will have to try and match. PowerVR’s 6-series graphics (used in the new iPhone 5s and iPads) are another strong player and ARM has also just unveiled its Mali 700 GPU. Vivante is also making a mobile graphics chip design. With all this, competition will definitely be heated next year.
Let’s keep in mind that the Adreno 400 chips are merely a rumor right now that may or may not materialize (it’s very likely to be true, though). In either case, we’ll know at CES 2014.

CES also used to be the show where a lot of the greatest upcoming smartphones and tablets make their debut, but in recent years manufacturers prefer announcing devices on events they organize alone to get all the spotlight. This year might be different, though, you never know.

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