Tuesday, August 27, 2013

T-Mobile now allows MMS messaging to Google Voice users

It has been an extremely long and slow road for Google Voice. Google first launched Google Voice about three and a half years ago in March 2009, and since then has been constantly working with carriers to add support for MMS as well as bringing Voice to international markets. Well, today Voice is getting a bit closer on the MMS front with better support from T-Mobile.

As yet, the only way for a Google Voice user to receive an MMS was if it were sent by a Sprint user. Supposedly, if a Sprint user were to send an MMS to a Google Voice user, it would be routed to Gmail. Of course, in practice it hasn't always work that well. Today, a Google employee, Alex Wiesen, has said that the same support is coming to messages originating from T-Mobile users. The Google+ post said:

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Google Keyboard gets update to 2.0; app brings a little KitKat to your phone

Android users not rockin' the Nexus 5 might be feeling a little jealousy about not having the latest and greatest Android OS build on their phone. On the other hand, if you own, say, the HTC One,you know that you're going to get that confectionery OS build on your device, so any jealousy should be short-lived. In addition, Android 4.4 was said to be designed to work on low memory models,including those with just 512MB of RAM. That compares with the 2GB to 3GB of RAM found on today's high-end Android devices. In theory, this means that older Android phones could receive the Android 4.4 update. But the ultimate decision about which phones will be updated lies with the carriers and most won't want to spend the money to test the new Android build on phones that are on the way out.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Verizon coming to Moto Maker on November 11th, and setting up multiple device releases

We've been getting more and more info on the expansion of Motorola's Moto Maker customization software to other carriers beyond AT&T. Word has always put the end of AT&T's exclusivity in this month, and recent reports have put T-Mobile possibly getting added as soon as tomorrow (November 8th), and Sprint on November 11th. Now, we're hearing that Verizon may also be getting into Moto Maker on the 11th as well. Given that both Sprint and Verizon are set to get in on the Moto Maker software on the 11th, it seems reasonable that the rumors about T-Mobile may have been off, and the 11th could be the universal date for ending Moto Maker exclusivity. 

The news about Verizon is coming from sources for Droid Life, and those same sources had more info on various releases on Verizon. According to the sources, the white version of the LG G2 will hit Verizon on October 14th; the HTC One max will launch on or around November 21st; and, the white versions of the DROID Ultra and DROID mini will be released November 22nd.